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Drag & drop editor; add images quickly and check the mobile layout

When creating an email, it’s important to know what the final version will look like. This update allows you to easily check the layout with the new switch between desktop and mobile layouts. Additionally, the number of actions it takes to add an image has been reduced.

Switch between desktop and mobile layout

switchIt’s becoming more and more common for people to open their emails on a mobile phone or tablet, which is why it’s important that you know exactly how your email is displayed on both desktop and mobile devices.

With the new switch in the drag & drop editor, you can immediately check the desktop and mobile layout of your email during creation. All you need to do is click the switch. You will see a narrower layout right away. This layout is a good indication of what your email will end up looking like on a mobile device.


Despite checking the email’s layout, it may end up looking different depending on the email client used. The premium feature ‘email client check’ in the Webpower platform allows you to see the layout for each email client. This shows you right away what your emails will look like on every device and in every email client.

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Insert imageafbeeldingen-toevoegen

Inserting images into your emails has been simplified. Previously, you would have had to delete the placeholder image first. Now you can simply insert the right image directly. Did you already insert an image? That’s no problem. Using the new button in the middle, you can add another image directly. This makes adding images to your emails faster.

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Want to know more? Contact us via our website or call +31 (0)342 423 262.

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