Five steps you can take to send your email exactly the way you want to

Five steps you can take to send your email exactly the way you want to

You want your emails to convey your messages precisely as you intended. This is why you should always check your email before sending the final version. Use the 5 steps below and send your emails exactly the way you want them to be.

Step 1: Quick send

You’ve created an email, but you want to check it yourself first. Select your email in the ‘content’ menu, and choose the ‘Quick send’ option under ‘Extra’. This allows you to quickly send the email to a single email address. This method makes checking, whether your email is correct, fast and easy.

Step 2: Test email

As soon as you’ve checked the email yourself, you send it to your colleagues, asking them to take another critical look at it. We recommend they do so for both the text and the design.

You can send a test email by creating a test group under ‘contacts’. In the ‘content’ menu, select the email and then click ‘Send mailing’ in the ‘Extra’ menu. Make sure you indicate the fact that this is a test email. You can select only the test groups to receive your email. So simply choose the test group you created and send the email.

Step 3: Email client check

The ‘email client check’ is intended to show what emails will end up looking like in different browsers, email clients and devices. In particular, if you are creating or modifying your own templates, checking your email in different clients, browsers and on different devices is strongly recommended.

You can perform an ‘email client check’ while sending a test email by checking the box saying you want to make some screenshots. You can choose specifically whether you want screenshots of certain browsers, email clients or devices, or you can select all. The screenshots taken are displayed as an extra tab if you view the email via ‘Check’. Please note, the ‘email client check’ is a premium feature and is only visible if it is part of your software licence.

You want to know more about the email client check?

Want to know more? Contact us via our website or call +31 (0)342 423 262.

Step 4: Email analysis

In order to guarantee quick loading times, images should be no larger than 100 Kb each. Use ‘check’ and view the email analysis to check whether your email isn’t too large.

Step 5: Final check

If you made any more adjustments based on the feedback your received, chances are the texts are no longer correct. So make sure to check your email one final time to make sure that both the layout and the text are absolutely correct.


Do you work on your emails together with your colleagues often? If so, use a text editor that allows multiple users to work on a text simultaneously. This prevents your changes from being overwritten by someone else working on the file. Google Docs is an example of such a text editor. Is your content final? Simply copy it to Webpower.

Know more?

Want to know more? Contact us via our website or call +31 (0)342 423 262.

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