Get to know your prospects and customers. Build digital profiles through progressive web forms and online behaviour to make sure you send the right message.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails

Remind people about their abandoned shopping cart items, or offer them a discount to increase conversions.

Abandoned shopping cart emails

Event Driven Campaigns

Automate messages based on predefined triggers. You can do this with each visit to your web page, on birthdays, or set Webpower to send a message two weeks after a purchase.

Profile Scoring

Apply scores to types of behaviour and interests. Use scores to trigger campaigns. Build customer profiles to create more personal and relevant content.


Create and refine segments on file based on different criteria. This could include age, gender, interests, online behaviour, device and OS usage, and email lifetime activity.

Event driven campaigns

Profile scoring

Dynamic Templates

Free yourself from creating multiple emails with similar content for different target groups. Increase relevance by sending dynamic content. Specify which content you want to show on the targeted profile. Show different or less content on smartphones and tablets than on laptops or desktop computers.

Dynamic templates

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