We get it; it’s easy to batch and blast. But remember, if it’s not personal, it’s not engaging and no one is going to listen to you. So put an end to email blasts and start conversations that lead to conversion. Send the right message at the right time.

Priority Email

Do you have time sensitive messages, like transactional emails or system notifications? Use priority email to send out emails within a few seconds.

App notifications

App notifications

App notifications are a quick and engaging way to alert customers and leads of important news. The app notification feature works on all devices using Android and iOS. If the app uses GPS, you can send location based push messages.


Make a great first impression by editing the pre-header text to display a short preview in the inbox after the subject line.

SMS Messages

Add text messages to your campaigns for a multi-channel approach. Text messages work well as a reminder or as a way to create more buzz around your event or company.

Dedicated IP

We offer dedicated IP addresses to customers who send emails in large volumes and need to maintain a good sender reputation. Use Webpower to keep your emails from going straight into spam folders and reach more of your audience.


With the SMTP solution from Webpower you can send your transactional email with confi dence. We will take care of send-outs, including ISPs, SPAM, bounces, senders and IP reputation.

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QR Codes, Barcodes and Coupons

Bridge the gap between online and offline by adding a personal QR codes or barcodes to personal coupons. Build digital profiles by recording the events that your customers attend. Use triggers to send messages based on scanned codes and returned coupons.

PDF Generator

Generate PDFs to make it easy for customers and prospects to print out emails. This can be helpful when the email contains a coupon for use in an offline store.

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