Campaigns are never done; there is always room for improvement. Whether it concerns campaign design, messaging momentum or simply template design, there are always things that you can change to improve results.

A/B Split Test

Stop guessing and start testing. Run email split tests by creating two or more messages (either with a different content, subject line, or schedule). Send them to random email addresses in your database. Afterwards, send the message that creates the most leads or conversions to the remainder of your list.

ab split test

Email Client & Spamfilter Test (Litmus)

Shows you how likely it is that spam filters will block your emails. Automate Webpower to check whether your email gets through the most widely used spam filters. If the email is not spam proof, the Spam Control points out the flaws so that you can make the adjustments you need to beat the filters.

compatibility check

Compatibility Check

Make sure your email looks great everywhere. Create previews of each email newsletter that you create for the most important email clients such as Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook. You can also preview on mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.

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