Keep full control of your campaigns, events, subscriptions and sendouts.

Send from Multiple Addresses

Send personalised emails from different sales reps by using different ‘sent from’ addresses.

Agenda Manager

Allow your attendees to easily add your event to their calendar (Google, Outlook, etc.) by clicking the ‘add this event to my calendar’ link.

Event Manager

Manage all communications before and after events. Increase attendance through reminders and keep track of your audience. Reduce time and costs by removing the risk of errors. Use Webpower to keep control over the whole process.

Access Control

Work with different teams on the same campaign and set access rights. Co-ordinate different departments for work on the same platform.

Event manager

Multilingual Campaigns

Manage multilingual campaigns with ease. Offer each employee and customer the comfort of communicating in their native language.

Schedule Email Send Outs

Save time by scheduling your entire campaign at once and free yourself from the need to manage your campaign on a daily basis.

Approval Manager

The Webpower Approval Manager makes it possible to decide which emails need approval. Before the system sends an email, it can deliver it to the people who need to approve it. They can then simply respond to that email to sign it off.

Control Frequency of Emails

Set a limit to the number of emails you send within a certain timeframe.

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