Webpower has been set up to work with other platforms. It’s open and flexible and can connect to any tool or database you want.

CRM Integrations

Use Webpower to integrate with CRM, ERP, webshop or any other database. Our platform offers native integration with Salesforce, Zoho and Magento. With a simple set-up, your systems can be up and running in just a few clicks.

CRM integrations


Combine data from different systems to personalise and time your marketing messages. With Webpower, you can integrate any other system that has an API into our native external connector. Connect CRM, CMS, your blog, online shop and support with two-way sync so data is always up-to-date. Webpower is also on hand to offer support when you wish to configure the system for your own needs.

comScore Connector

Our comScore integration can help you identify the content that best reaches your target audience. It gives you meaningful insights into your campaigns and a better understanding of your subscribers’ online behaviour. You can apply this knowledge instantly to communicate with your customers more eff ectively and make future email campaigns more relevant.

Content Integrator (RSS)

Integrate content in email newsletters with the Webpower RSS generator. Upload content in the right place within the template and in the correct format. Setting up messages has never been so easy.


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