Analyse your campaigns frequently in order to see the results of your efforts. Use these insights to fine tune campaigns for even more powerful results.

Click Map

Get an instant view of how your templates are doing through visual insights in how your recipients respond.

Live geographical visualization

Live Geographical Visualization

See how your campaign performs and optimise it accordingly. Use Webpower to see where customers open your emails and use this data to segment customers for future campaigns.

Conversion & Goal Metrics

Analyse the value of your email marketing campaigns. Use Webpower to measure results, find what works best and improve your ROI. See who visits a certain landing page and how often they do so. Check the online behaviour of customers and leads by analysing the rates at which your emails convert.

Reports & Analytics

Create reports and send updates to stakeholders automatically. Webpower is S.A.M.E. certified. This ensures that we our metrics apply to accepted international standards.

Reports & analytics

Online Behaviour Tracking & Tagging

Track which content blocks in an email receive the most clicks and what web pages your leads visit as a result. Update digital profiles and use the data to increase customer insight and send out emails based on predefined triggers. For example, using you can use Webpower to ensure that someone who often clicks on content relating to running shoes will receive more running related items than someone clicking on bikes. Our platform applies the same principle when customers visit web pages, as opposed to when prospects do so.

Web Analytics

Get more insight into website and email behaviour and improve campaigns based on the data we gather. Our platform uses web analytics services such as those from Google and even Adobe, Comscore and others. This helps improve insights into the number of page visits that come from clicks on links in emails.

Deliverability & Reputation Management

To benefit from email marketing, proper email etiquette is vital. Deliverability and reputation management takes care of opt-ins, bounce handling, subscription cancellations, suppression (do not email) management, IP address checks, link validation and spam complaints.

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