Persuasion Profiling

Persuasion Profiling

Our API analyzes customer data to show how customers can be influenced — the messages that make them move into action, how much they spend, even how they use your webstore. These behavioral customer-specific insights enable businesses to advertise and communicate in more effective and meaningful ways.


Tailor Your Website to Each Visitor

By sending real-time data to Persuasion API, you will gain unique insight into how the content on your website succeeds and fails to persuade visitors. This will allow you to design a unique experience for each shopper. This in turn will entice them to spend more money when they visit your online shop.

This is one of the most interesting and actionable approaches to customer segmentation I have seen. And it’s based on sensible psychological principles, and continuous validation, rather than on dubious one-off mathematical trickery.

Testimonial Rory Sutherland
Rory Sutherland
Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK


Forget Testing, Start Learning

Regular testing tools (think A/B and multivariate) only let you track the next step. Persuasion API gives you real-time suggestions for optimising content for each shopper. Find their persuasion sweet spots much faster than any salesman could.

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Base Design Decisions on What Your Users Want

While other tools may tell you which pages get the most views, or which button colour to use, Persuasion API gives you a much greater level of insight. Our software continues to build an accurate profile of every visitor with each visit. This allows you to design your website in ways that appeal most to your customers.

Make User-Driven Design Decisions

PersuasionAPI Reports


See the ways in which your content affects people and how many it reaches. Influence user behaviour by knowing how your content affects your KPIs.

Influence Strategies

We build profiles to help you create content aimed at persuasion. With this data, you’ll see how your visitor behaviour changes over time.

People Search

Create lists of customers that meet any criteria you want. For example, search for people that came from your Black Friday Campaign, converted within 2 days, and clicked on specific content.


Get a complete outline of dealings with each visitor and see the total amount they spend on your website.


Find your most profitable customers in channel, campaign and across time – all in one place. Keep tabs on how your business is doing at all times.

Persuasion Live

Get a real-time feed of all the interactions happening on your site.

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