Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing

Email newsletters are a great way to send out your latest communications or offers. But with many email marketing programs, there is one major issue: new subscribers only receive new emails, rather than information that they need or want. Yet Webpower is different. Our software allows you to set up lifecycle campaigns, also known as drip campaigns

A Guide to Lifecycle Emails and More

With Webpower drip campaigns, you can send information that interests each subscriber; at the moment they need or want it most. Added bonus: it saves you time!

At any given time, a prospect or subscriber may be in a different stage of their interest in your product to the next person.

Use Webpower to tailor emails to distinct target groups, while moving every reader to the end goal: buying what you have to offer.


FrieslandCampina supplies dairy products to millions of people around the globe. In 2012, the company sought to engage with a number of different target groups on a personal level.

They would achieve this by offering tips on healthy diets for pregnant women. They would then provide separate information for mums with babies and toddlers of less than two years old.

Very soon, Friso began to engage with even more specific audiences. They did this by segmenting customers in terms of the number of weeks their subscribers had been pregnant and later on, to the age of their children.

The result? Tailored communication, higher customer engagement and a 30% increase in ROI.


Boost your customer retention!

A Guide to Lifecycle Emails and More

Looking for inspiration? We’ve collected several examples of lifecycle campaigns to get you started, divided in five different categories: onboarding, subscriber emails, promotional emails, transactional emails and behavioral emails.

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