Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Organising a successful event can be a challenge. You may have a great idea, but you also need to put together a program that sells tickets. Because if there’s one thing that your event needs, it’s guests.

With guests come invitations, bookings, follow ups and more. Yet with the right tools, it’s possible to automate parts of that process. This saves you valuable time for the other things on your to-do list.

How Does Webpower Email Marketing Make it Easier to Organise Your Event?

We use the power of email to announce your event to the world in seconds. Invite guests, send reminders, confirmations, and collect data with ease.

Our system allows you to create landing pages and forms, or send SMS messages automatically. In short, Webpower gives you a whole lot more time to focus on other important stuff in your busy day.

How Does Webpower Email Marketing make it Easier to Organise Your Event

Control The Communication Flow

Control the Communication Flow

Control the communication flow prior to your event. Send tickets to guests as soon as they make bookings. Share an interview with one of the keynote speakers every two weeks to get the crowd excited! With Webpower, you will never forget to send those reminders again!

Webpower helps you plan and send all your comms automatically. And in a fraction of the time.

Email Automation

Invite customers to your event by email. Include a link which directs them to the sign up form. Send reminders one or two days before your event.

Landing Page

Create a landing page to sell your event to your target audience. Add clear, easy sign up forms and only ask for the information you need to ensure that they receive the material that is relevant to them.

Landing Page

QR code

QR Codes

Add QR codes to offline banners so people can scan them and go instantly to the event registration page. Include a personal QR code on each ticket to allow guests to scan tickets from their smartphone at the entrance.

Have you ever thought of adding a QR code to the event badge? Use Webpower to set triggers so that when a guest scans their badge at the entrance, they receive a follow up email after the event. This could include slides from a presentation, reminders, or discounts for upcoming events.

Follow-Up Emails

Maybe you don’t want to overdo it with the emails on the day of the event itself. If so, you can use Webpower to gather data on guest preferences at the event. You can then send attendees one complete follow up email, using block templates.

This way, you only have to set up one email for each target group.

Follow-Up Emails

Text messages

Text Messages

Text messages are a great way of sending short bits of useful information. Use Webpower to send a text reminder two hours prior to the event with the address of the venue, and a reminder of its start time.

In communications prior to the event, you can ask your visitors which presentations they wish to attend. 10 minutes before that particular session begins, you can send them a text message reminding them that it is about to start.

Set Closing Date or Maximum No. of Attendees

Are you dealing with limited space at an event? If so, you can use Webpower to close the application form for the event on a certain date, or when you reach the maximum number of attendees.

Set Closing Date or Maximum No. of Attendees

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