Connect your website to Webpower with the newest feature

Connect your website to Webpower with the newest feature

Do you have a form on your website to gather contact information, for example a newsletter subscription or event subscription? And do you want to reuse this data for your email marketing?

We’ve created a quick and easy way for you to get the form data directly from your website into Webpower without bothering your IT department. It’s as easy as copy/pasting one line of code into the script of your website. Within Webpower, it takes just a couple of steps to map the form data to contact data and define follow-up actions.

The starting point for automating your email marketing

You can easily create an automated flow using Webpower capture forms as a starting point. The great advantage is that you can do it yourself without help of your IT department. Create and build a flow once, so in the future you can trust that Webpower takes care of the rest. You can use any form on your current website, so the time and monetary investment is minimal. Email marketing automation has never been easier!

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